Learn about What to Expect:

The Process:

For best results, it is necessary for you to take a large role in your goal setting.  This includes performance and feedback. Below, you can read an outline of what to expect from your initial contact to the day of discharge.

Step 1: Verification

Phone or walk in with your referral/prescription to schedule an initial evaluation

Submit insurance information and as a result, we will verify your benefits. It is our policy for you to know your financial responsibility BEFORE being treated. We will inform you of insurance policies that are accepted.

Fill out paperwork –the packet may be obtained in person, or you may print them from our website. (click here to download the forms)

Step 2: Thorough Initial Evaluation

Functional deficits are then identified. As a result, therapy goals are set by you and a licensed therapist.

Your therapist will attempt to instruct and issue a written home exercise program.

Step 3: Follow-up Visits

The treatment program is continued with the intent to make you independent while in your home program.

Close supervision of treatment by the therapists while ensuring proper form and maximum results.

A constant, open line of communication is formed.  This will allow you to smoothly progress through your treatment. Therapists will then ask you for feedback. Typical questions would include how you are feeling during treatment.

Step 4: Discharge

When you achieve your goals, a continuation of the home program will deliver the desired results.

Finally, you will progress to a thorough and appropriate home program.  It is tailored to maintaining results and improving quality of life.

After your treatment is complete, please contact us for any reason. You may request a copy of your home treatment program. In addition, referrals and general health information may be requested.  If we do not have the answer immediately, we will work hard to find you a solution.

If you’d like to learn more about us, don’t hesitate to call (281) 325-0188.  Or visit us at 20403 University Blvd., Suite 100, Sugar Land, TX 77478!

Thank you for visiting the “what to expect” page of the First Colony Aquatic and Rehabilitation website!  We want to help you Reclaim Your Life!